A Lost Girl and Lost Gold in La Paz County Arizona

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Missing gold is always exciting! The mystery of the kidnapped Belle McKeever was never solved and neither was the mystery of the lost gold mine that bears her name. Read more about this weird and convoluted tale of lost and found and lost again.

La Paz County Mountain possibly the site of the lost gold mine?

The McKeever family settled down to a life of ranching in 1869 in the area which is now Gila Bend, AZ. One day Abner and his daughter, Belle, were placer mining quite a distance from the ranch, further west it would seem from the story. As the duo mined their claim, Apaches rode in and scooped up Belle and rode off with the hysterical child, not harming Abner.

Abner immediately rode to Fort Yuma to get help from the soldiers stationed there. Soldiers were dispatched and chased the Apaches. However, the Indians split up, and as a result, the soldiers were forced to split up as well. It was impossible to see which group of Indians had the girl. One detachment consisted of Sergent Crossthwaite and two privates, Eugene Flannigan and Joe Wormley. They followed the Indians northwesterly but soon lost the Indians and found themselves quite lost as well, in a hostile environment.

Food and water gave out first and then two of the horses. The three men wandered on foot in search of water. Forget about looking for the girl. They eventually came upon a spring believed to be in the Granite Mountains, part of the Harquahala Mountain, near Salome now part of La Paz County. The men were able to catch and kill small game for food. Crossthwaite was astonished to find gold nuggets while washing off in the spring. The men knew to look for a quartz vein above the spring, and found two veins. They dug into the veins with pocket knives, digging out about 50 lbs. worth of gold. The men loaded the gold on the surviving horse and set off in the direction of the Gila River, but remember, they were lost, a bad place to be in the desert around Yuma.

The return trip went badly. Once again they ran out of water. The horse collapsed and died one day before getting to the Gila River. Soon Crossthwaite was down and then Flannigan. Wormley staggered on, reaching the river where he found aid. By the time the rescue party figured out what happened and went back, Crossthwaite was dead and Flannigan near death. They found the dead horse with the 50 lbs. of gold. The gold later assayed at $50 to the ton.

Flannigan recovered but refused to return to the area. Wormley organized several searches to look for the spring and lost gold, but was never successful in finding it.

Belle McKeever was never found and the mine that bears her name wasn’t either.

Madam X sends her regards. She is still hiking the southeast trails of USA, following the trail of Mostly Harmless, that hapless hiker, that was found deceased in his tent in Florida. Read about ML here.

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Dig Here! By Thomas Penfield

Was Atlantis in the New World?

Old Postcard of Cholula Pyramid near Puebla Mexico.

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We continue to work on the mystery of where the heck was Atlantis and why do some scholars and historians think it was in the New World, and more specifically, why do they think it was in or close to Mexico? Was Atlantis in the New World? If you missed our earlier post, you may want to check it out here.

What Makes Mexico Similar to Atlantis?

Well, for one thing the architecture and layout of the place is very very similar to the description of Atlantis. The Great Pyramid at Cholula has a circular layout very similar to the circular layout that Plato described when describing Poseidon, the capital of Atlantis. Cholula has an enormous base, actually the biggest platform of any pyramid that has been found so far in the world.

Why isn’t there anything left of Cholula? The stones of Cholula were looted to build the bases and buildings of many of the cathedrals and churches in the area. The pyramid was once thought to have a jade Quetzalcoatl on top but that, too, was stolen by the Spanish.

Also, the Cholula pyramid has a stepped design similar to the Ziggurats of Babylon. Toltec legend claims the pyramid was built at the command of seven giants. The seven giants somehow survived the great flood. Toltecs believed that the pyramid was built so that the seven giants could climb to heaven. The legend said that the Gods destroyed the pyramid with fire as well as convoluting the giants’ languages. Therefore, they were unable to reach heaven and could not even understand each other. End of story.

The Aztec Calendar Disturbs the Early Church

Another Atlantean-type conspiracy theory is that the early Aztecs seemed to have way more information than they should have. This is evidenced by their astounding Aztec calendar.

Another thing that the early Church found very disturbing was the Aztec calendar. The Aztecs seemed to have an earlier date for creation than the Church did. The Aztec calendar of eighteen months with twenty days with the added five day period at the end of the year created a unease within the Church. It seemed to be identical to the 360 day calendar of the oldest civilization of Egypt, an unsettling fact to Church scholars who know that Egyptians held that their god Thoth had shared the calendar with other cultures. Not only that, but Thoth shared the knowledge of language, astronomy, and mathematics to other civilizations. is this where the Aztecs got their fancy calendar?

Aztec Maya Calendar Postcard

In 1790, workmen in Mexico City discovered a huge flat stone buried under mud. After cleaning, it was found to be perfectly round and intricately carved on the bottom. This star calendar was a single slab of basalt twelve feet across, three feet thick, and weighing over twenty tons. The legendary clock of the Aztecs had been found!

First hand accounts of people who traveled with Pizarro told of a great golden calendar disk at Cuzco, Peru. However, Pizarro had melted in down into gold ingots. Any further discoveries of calendars were destroyed by Cortez and the Church. However, this giant calendar was just to big to be broken and destroyed so it was buried face down Tenochtitlan. When the drains lake became part of Mexico City, it once again showed up.

Although referred to as the Aztec Calendar, it is actually much older even than the time of the Maya most likely.

Unlike common thought, the Aztec Stone disc calendar was not necessarily an altar of sacrifice. Instead it was a complex triple calendar that measured the movements of the stars and the planets, which equated to Aztec thought as to the movement of the gods. Each day had a specific meaning and number. Each day and group of days had their own god as well.

To say that the Aztec calendar is complicated, is an understatement. It contains a knowledge of star tracking and the concepts of Precession of the Equinoxes that would require observing and recording Earth’s movements for at least 26,000 years!

All This to Say, it is Very Complicated

So, dear reader, we are once again left with a conundrum. Were the Aztecs actually ancestors of the ancient Atlanteans who somehow made their way to this area of Mexico City? Was this area actually Atlantis all along? Was Aztlan somewhere else? Is Aztlan really Atlantis?

It seems certain that the Aztecs had a higher intelligence and knowledge. Was it obtained from the Egyptian sharing of knowledge? It has been proven that Egyptians could have made their way to this area of the world on rudimentary craft (don’t get us started on that train of thought!).

Were they so smart because they were ancestors of Atlanteans? Were they just maybe THAT SMART? a

We continue to delve into this and hope you have enjoyed this little snippet of information.

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We obtained part of our information from this great website:


and this book, Atlantis in America by Ivar Zapp and George Erikson.

Gila Bend is Number One! In UFO Sightings in North America, That Is

What makes Gila Bend number one? Gila Bend is number one in UFO sightings per capita in both the United States and Canada making it the number one UFO hotspot in North America.

While the town boosts a population of only 2,000, numerous reports come in from both townsfolk as well as people passing through. Going through Gila Bend is one way to avoid driving through Phoenix when on the way to Tucson. It is scenic and a nice drive.

To say it is a UFO hotspot is an understatement!

Gila Bend, Arizona, a small southwestern town south of Phoenix, gets the award for the most UFO sightings in the USA and Canada as reported by the National UFO Reporting Center.
The median signting per 100,000 people is 100. Gila Bend outdoes itself with a median sighitng of 1,194 sightings per 100,000 population. Wow!

Another Arizona location that made the top ten list was Sedona with 668 UFO sightings per 100,000 people. Of course, Sedona is already famous for its vortexes and strange energy. We have seen UFOs in the Sedona area and travel there several times a year to recharge our batteries.

The Gila Bend Lodge’s iconic theme and decor was the brainchild of the former owner and a marketing gimmick for his restaurant and motel with locations in both Arizona and California. The California estalishment is long gone but the Gila Bend eatery and motel live on, no doubt fueled by the amazing amount of UFO sightings in the area. We have not seen any UFOs in Gila Bend ourselves but travel through there two to three times a year and always stop for a burger and the salad bar. We will definitely pay closer attention to the sky next time we go through!

Let us know, dear reader, if you have seen a UFO in or around Gila Bend. We would love to hear from you!

Giant Rock – Harbinger of Hope, Part 2

George Van Tassel has a Dream

George Van Tassel in the meantime went to work for Lockheed International, Howard Hughes, and Douglas Aircraft. After George heard about Critzer’s untimely death, he applied and obtained the mining claim at the site. The Giant Rock site became the spot for the Van Tassel family vacations.

Meanwhile Back in the Mojave

Finally, in 1947, George just up and moved the whole family – wife and three daughters – to the Giant Rock property.

Tired of the big city grind, George had a dream to build a vacation resort complete with landing strip. George had an idea that  people working in Los Angeles were also tired of the traffic and stress and would relish a vacation out in the desert. Giant Rock already had a landing strip built by Critzer. George reopened the field and built a café specializing in Mrs. Van Tassel’s wonderful pies.


Suddenly Everything Changes

Suddenly in the 1950s, everything changed. George gave up the idea of the vacation resort. He claimed that he had been visited by extraterrestrials who instructed him to build a longevity and rejuvenation facility. George began a massive building project – the Integratron. The café was now used only as a means to finance his building. George said that the other worldly beings gave him building plans for a facility that would regenerate life and/or greatly extend one’s life span. George started holding annual UFO conferences to help finance the work and taking in donations. These conferences were held for 20 years and thousands of people attended. George also financed his work with his books including (still available online):

I Rode a Flying Saucer

The Council of Seven Lights

Into this World and Out Again

This is not to imply that everything was going great. The Van Tassels had a hard existence living out in the desert. I can only imagine what the teenage girls were thinking out in the big middle of nowhere. George must have seen or experienced something special to put his family through this. His first wife stood doggedly by his side the entire time.

Things Go South Fast
George worked tirelessly on the Integratron with only a few people helping with the construction. He never revealed the entire plans to any of the people helping him. He was actually about finished when there were some tragic occurrences. His wife, Eva, suddenly died in 1975. George then turned around and married a local chiropractor named Dorris. Dorris seized control of the operation as well as George’s financial and business affairs, much to the consternation of family and friends.

Although family claims that George was in excellent health, George then suddenly died himself of a heart attack in California at the age of 68 in 1978. He was alone with wife, Dorris, at the time promoting the Integratron to investors in California. Dorris had George cremated before even informing his daughters of their father’s death.

As if that were not bad enough, Dorris then said that their house was ransacked and all of George’s papers and building notes were stolen. The Integratron was almost completely finished by this time. Unfortunately, the core of the Integratron was also removed suddenly and secretively upon his death by unknown parties.

Conspiracy theorists claim George was too close to finishing the rejuvenation chamber which would seriously disrupt the world order as we now know it, and he was murdered by persons unknown.

Other theorists claim that Dorris was the assassin, placed solely in the area to get close to George and kill him and then get the core out of the Integratron.


Go Visit Giant Rock

Giant Rock is available and open to the public. Be aware of the pitfalls of traveling in the desert. See below directions.

Integratron is not open to the public but sound baths are available by appointment and for groups. You can see it quite well as you drive by, however, on the way to Giant Rock. Integratron is under private ownership now.

In any event, go see Giant Rock for yourself and see what you think about it. Mull over the alien visitations and conspiracy theories. Decide for yourself what you think is true.

I have been to Giant Rock several times and it really is not all that accessible by a passenger car although one could probably make it. It is very sandy getting up to the site and quite rough. A pickup or four-wheel drive is better so that you do not tear up the bottom of your car or get stuck in sand.

Be aware that there are deadly rattle snakes in the area. It is also very hot in the summer. Take plenty of water if you go in the summer.


Travel north on Highway 247 at Yucca Valley, and take Reche Road to Belflower Road

Go left on Belflower Road until the pavement end.

You should see the Integratron on your right at that point.

Go past Integratron and turn right.

Follow the graded dirt road toward the left.

This road hugs the edge of a rock pile for about 2 miles.

Keep going until you see Giant Rock.


Chupacabra Hunter Chronicles, Excerpt: Harquehala Mountains, 1996

We have an excerpt from our favorite Chupacabra Hunter


Artist rendering of a Chupacabra
Artist rendering of a Chupacabra

The truck smelled chronically of gasoline fumes and you had to reconcile yourself to the uncomfortable fact that the gas tank was positioned vertically directly behind your car seat. But since it had no air-conditioning, the choice of whether or not to enjoy AC and be asphyxiated, or be sweating hot and be able to breath, was already made for you. Beyond these otherwise incidental shortcomings, the truck proved invaluable to our gold prospecting ventures. The absence of the weight of the truck bed, combined with it’s 460 V-8 engine, soon gave the copper-hued Dodge it’s nickname of the ‘Frog Hopper’.

Now, this may sound somewhat insulting, but you have to understand that this was intended as a compliment, as this truck could literally hop over significant boulders and the other rough terrains that only the most dedicated desert travelers ever experience. There was many a time the Frog Hopper jumped us out of a treacherous wash, a thick sand pit, or over generally unidentifiable gravel laden dirt paths best described as a mountain goat trail. Looking back now, we probably had no business being that far into the remote Arizona desert as many times as we went, with or without the trusty pickup truck. (To be continued.)


You will definitely need night vision goggles if you plan to find a chupacabra –

Giant Rock – Harbinger of Hope for the 21st Century, Part 1

The Giant Rock has giant baggage! Giant Rock, located outside of Landers, California, has more old baggage associated with it than a sacred rock should have. It is a wonder the air is not filled with negative vibrations and a heavy brown aura from all the stuff that happened here. I will say that I am an Earth Empath and when I visited this sacred site, did not feel any of the sort of negative energy that was hanging onto the area.

Nonetheless, it still manages to maintain itself as a truly magical wonder of the world out there in the California desert. Located in what used to be called Homestead Valley and what is now known as Landers, it holds the title as the largest free standing boulder in the world, standing seven stories high.

Giant Rock is believed to be centered over one of the Earth’s ley lines – those energetic lines connecting all of the Earth’s sacred spots. This area is considered a high energy center and an energy vortex. People from all over the world have come to this site to check out the energy and experience its magnetic pull.

The giant granite rock was first used as a holy pilgrimage site for hundreds of years for Native Americans. This was way before American settlers ever got out this far west. The site was a sacred site for the Hopi and no doubt a favorite haunt of other desert Native Americans in the area. Medicine men and tribal shamans drew strength from the big rock. Giant Rock is believed to represent the heart of Mother Earth herself.

Giant Rock Foretells a New Era

In 2000, a historic event occurred when Giant Rock split off. An old Hopi legend said that the future of the 21st Century would be foretold at Giant Rock. The legend said that if it split in half, the Earth was doomed. If it split on the side, the Great Spirit would reconsider and reveal a new era.

In February, 2000, holy leaders gathered for a spiritual reading, restating the legend. Giant Rock had stood there for millions of years, all in one piece. But the next day after the legend restatement, a third of the rock split off from the mother rock, revealing the stark white interior. It seems a New Era had begun. Shri Naath Devi, a spiritual leader in the area, interpreted this as a positive sign that this was a sign of great spiritual awakening for the area and for Mother Earth.


Giant Rock and its Tragic History

Prior to the 1800s, Giant Rock seems to have only been known to the Native Americans in the area and the Hopi Indians.

In 1887, Charlie Reche, a homesteader, settled there with his family. You might see “Reche Road” when you come out to see Giant Rock. Charlie was friendly to the Indians of the area. He homesteaded the entire area around and including Giant Rock, with the additional acreage where the Integratron now stands. The area was quite thinly populated with only a few residents at that time.

Frank Critzer, a German immigrant, took an interest in the area in the early 1930s and staked a mining claim in the Giant Rock area.

At some point, the Reche family left and the area came under the control of the federal government.  Critzer continued living on the claim, building a small living area underneath Giant Rock, taking advantage of natural heating and cooling insulation. He attached a radio antenna to the top of the rock to get better radio reception. Frank was a cantankerous old guy, and most people avoided him.

George Van Tassel Meets Frank Critzer

At some time in the 1930s, Critzer’s car broke down in Santa Monica, California. As fate would have it, the young George Van Tassel was working at his uncle’s shop as an auto mechanic. George’s uncles fixed Critzer’s car for free and got Critzer back on the road to Giant Rock. Critzer said that he would give them a stake in his mining claim for their kindness. Two years later, Critzer wrote George and invited to come to the area. George did visit but returned to Santa Monica.

WWII and the End of Frank Critzer

Suddenly the world was embroiled in WWII. Local folks became concerned that Critzer was a German spy. After all, he did have a lot of radio equipment! To make a long story short, the FBI did come to investigate after numerous complaints from the locals. Critzer barricaded himself in the underground bunker and when the shooting started, ended up blowing himself up with all the dynamite he stored down there from his mining operation. Or not. Conspiracy theories abound here. In any event, there was a huge fire and Frank Critzer was pronounced dead in 1942. Critzer’s underground home was burned and closed. End of Story.

Read more in our next installment of “Giant Rock, Harbinger of Hope for the 21st Century, Part 2.”


My Thanksgiving with Mothman

I saw Mothman.
I saw Mothman

The Thanksgiving that I saw Mothman

There are two Mothman anniversaries this year. The fifty year anniversary of the arrival of Mothman in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, and the five year anniversary of the time I saw Mothman TWICE on the same Thanksgiving day in Phoenix, Arizona back in 2011.

The Point Pleasant Mothman

Point Pleasant, West Virginia forever changed 50 years ago with the arrival of the infamous Mothman, that half moth, half man cryptoid creature of book and movie fame.

On November 12, 1966, grave diggers in Clendenin, West Virginia were shocked to see a winged man-like creature suddenly appear and rise out  of a nearby thicket of trees and fly away.

Three days later, two couples cruising around tow and the surrounding area noticed two red lights out by the old TNT factory. They were shocked to realize that the two lights were not that of a vehicle of some sort but that of a large animal or creature.  The two couples all described it as having wings folded against its back and six or seven feet tall. Speeding off, the winged creature followed their car until they got back into town. The four went to the sheriff’s office and told their incredible story. Well known to the sheriff as responsible adults, he realized how scared they were and considered it a credible story.

After that, there were several sightings over a period of a year, culminating in the collapse of the Silver Bridge in Point Pleasant in December 1967 and the deaths of many people on the bridge at that time.

Interestingly enough, this is one of the earliest reports of the Men in Black (MIB). MIB began appearing in the town and questioning the people who saw the Mothman during 1966-1967.

After the bridge collapsed, Mothman was no longer reported as being seen. Many believe that Mothman was trying to warn townspeople of the disaster. Others think Mothman caused the disaster.

Whatever you think happened, Point Pleasant has made lemonade out of a lemon. This is the 15th year for the annual Mothman Festival, which has grown in size every year. This year’s attendance was expected to reach 9,000 people. If you go next year, just be aware that .fFinding parking is always a problem as is finding a hotel room so book early.

The town has added attractions to their lineup every year. In addition, people in cosplay are welcomed with open arms with people coming as MIB, Ghostbusters, Bigfoot, and supernatural superheroes including Captain America.

There are speakers on a variety of topics, Mothman hayrides, TNT bus tours, merchandise, street vendors, great food, musical bands, tours, and carriage rides.

Other attractions of note are the Mothman statue, the World’s Only Mothman Museum, the river museum, the U.S. Navy Poster Museum in the area.

My Phoenix Mothman

My interest in Mothman started, well, it always started way back when honestly – long before I ever really and truly saw Mothman. My parents lived in West Virginia in the 1980s and I often went to visit and was struck by the legend of Mothman. So creepy! So bizarre! Of course, I had to read the book.

Who knows what people really saw? I felt like it was a coincidence about the bridge collapse but the Men in Black coming into town was really quite strange in my opinion.

Scottsdale Mothman

Fast forward to 2011, five years ago and forty years later. It was Thanksgiving day. My husband was driving from Scottsdale, Arizona over to west Phoenix on the 202, passing Papago Park out by the zoo. Papago Park has these small pinnacles, mountains, rock outcrops, whatever you want to call them. People often rappel and climb on them. I looked over and saw this – what appeared to be anyway – a winged creature climbing up the mountain. There appeared to be no ropes. My first thought was that it was a soldier from the nearby Army Reserve Center who was wearing an oversized backpack but the person appeared to have no ropes and was making remarkable time. I then realized it was huge, much larger than a man, at least seven feet tall or more.

Remember, it was dusk, not quite dark. I blinked and we continued down the highway.

I saw in utter silence, not believing what I had seen. In fact, I did not believe it and did not say anything to my husband. I just said to myself that my eyes were playing tricks on me.

Phoenix Mothman

As we got into Phoenix, there was a overpass over the highway – one of those caged in things on the side. It may have even just been a sideway and not a street. But at the entry to the caged area, was a large, tall bird-like – stork-like- man creature with his “wings” folded against his back, just standing there looking out. I have attempted to describe what I saw with a drawing.

He was tall, very tall. At least a good seven feet tall if not a great deal more.

At this point, I did mention it to my husband who assumed I was just seeing things as it was even darker by this point, but not night yet. I explained about the creature crawling up the pinnacle at Papago Park. He listened politely, but what can you say to someone claiming to see such a thing?

That was the last time I saw Mothman. And no calamity or disaster befell me but I love the story of Mothman and hope to be able to get to the festival one of these years.

Share Your Story

If you have a Mothman story, please share in the comments section. We would love to hear from you!

Read the book. Watch the movie.

Kingman UFO Crash – Fact or Fiction?

The Kingman UFO Crash (May, 1953) has been largely discounted by the UFO community and UFO researchers as a hoax. New to the Kingman, Arizona area in the early 1990s, I heard the story and was intrigued, spending many a noon hour searching for the crash site but not having any success. I searched even into the late 1990s. Local legend had it that the event happened off of Stockton Hill Road, north of town. Finally I had a break by looking at a USGS map close to Stockton Hill Road. There was the clue staring at my face in plain sight!

I am not going to give the clue as it is so obvious and also, the crash site is on private land. Nonetheless, searching again with the clue in hand, still did not net me the desired results. I read more and more about the crash from various sources including the Wanderling posts which I find very believable. http://the-wanderling.com/kingman_ufo.html.   My local sources also indicated Native American involvement in some aspects of the crash and retrieval as did The Wanderling.

During my own wanderings, I noticed a striking vein of white onyx along Stockton Hill Road and it occurred to me that the aliens might have been searching for boron and thought the onyx was boron!  Just a wild theory maybe but it’s my theory. There has been speculation online that the UFOs are searching for boron. Finally I had to get my husband involved in the search and we did find the site one Sunday afternoon in the early 2000s.  The area is wiped clean of desert vegetation in an area about 500′ x 500′ (or larger – I am going strictly by memory now) and there is a former cattle tank which has been dug out and a former dam (now destroyed).  There would be no need to clear the entire area of vegetation in my opinion simply to dig out a small water pond for cattle! The crash site also nestles up to a small hill where, when reading about the crash, it is stated the craft flew into the side of a small hill.  It is also right next to a large valley which heads all the way to Red Lake (movie location for Mars Attack!) north of Kingman. The valley would be a perfect fly way for UFOs and other small craft.

Also, on one of the hills immediately adjacent to the crash site appears to be a small outcropping of white onyx, again were the aliens searching for boron?

This is on private land so I do not feel comfortable giving the coordinates but it is easy to find if you look for Stockton Hill Road on the USGS maps and just stare at the map awhile. You could also probably find the cleared area on Google Earth.  At the time we were at the site, there was not a fence up and there was also a dirt area where people had been driving to the site from the main road so I don’t think we were the only people to discover this unusual site.

Let me know what you think! Am I full of it or am I on to something?

Broken dam and tank. Tank is partially filled in.
Broken dam and tank. Tank is partially filled in.

Closeup of Broken Dam
Broken dam shows some vegetation growing back in the area

Cattle Tank at site of UFO crash
Cattle Tank at site of UFO crash

Cleared out area leading up to dam and tank
Small hill probable site of UFO crash

Huge cleared out area
Cleared out area going up to dam and tank.

Onyx bearing hill
Hill opposite dam and tank where I saw the vein of onyx

Look at all the vegetation
Weird grouping close to site. See the amount of vegetation.

Vegetation in neighboring properties
Typical vegetation for the site – plants every 3 feet

White Onyx
Onyx vein off of Stockton Hill Road. This is not the onyx vein on the small hill

Area around Red Lake - very flat flyway
Red Lake

Giants in Arizona?

By Athanasius Kircher - Mundus subterraneus, Public Domain, https://commons.wikime
By Athanasius Kircher – Mundus subterraneus, Public Domain, https://commons.wikime

This story is from the book Mysterious Archaeological Sites (available on Amazon.com) by George Mitrovic and takes place in Santa Cruz County, Arizona in 1891:

Workers were excavating a basement for a commercial building and surprisingly, enough dug up a clay coffin. In it were the remains of a nine foot tall human with six toes on each foot.

The coffin was clay and buried eight feet deep. There was a granite case inside of the coffin with carvings depicting a man with six toes, and wearing a bird shaped head gear.

More interesting reading: