The Eye of God Is Watching You

Big Bear Lake close to The Eye of God

Hello Dear Readers,

We have another spooky Indian legend to share and even some eye witness accounts of strange happenings to go along with it, including Bigfoot and Yucca Man-type sightings.

We take you, gentle readers, to the Eye of God, a quartz dome landmark in the Baldwin Lake area of Big Bear, California. This sacred landmark is thought to be the eye of the Creator and is worshipped by the Serrano Mission Indians in the region.

The Eye of God is where the Serrano creation legend or story starts. The Serranos believe this area is sacred ground and that the Creator’s spirit is still in this place.

The Serrano People Creation Story

The Creator, Kruktat, created the Serrano Mission people also known here as the People. Unfortunately, Kruktat became quite sick and went to the mountains to heal. The People took care of Kruktat and ministered to him, taking him to Maktsuk aka Pan Hot Springs where he was bathed in the hot springs by his human nurses.  

Kruktat knew he would die. He gave the People strict instructions to cremate his body and protect him from Coyote. Coyote is legendary for eating dead things and Kruktat did not want to end up in Coyote’s belly. Kruktat then died in the area which is now called Baldwin Lake.

During the cremation ceremony, Kruktut’s eye flew out to become the snow quartz rocky hulk known as Aapahunane’t, or God’s Eye. It is believed that the white outcropping of quartz is God watching to make sure the People treat each other decently.

Unfortunately, while the People were dancing around the funeral pyre, Coyote ran up and grabbed Kruktat’s heart out of the burning heap and ran toward Baldwin Lake, up to the San Bernardino Mountains. The blood dripping from the heart turned the soil a red color which you can still see today.

People of the Pines

As the People cried over the death of Kruktat, their tears turned into pine trees. This area is now called Yuhaviat. The pine nuts became food for the People of the Pines, the Yuhaviatam.

The Serrano Indians were driven out of their Big Bear Valley homes in the 1850s. This left The Eye of God unprotected. The quartz Eye of God was originally a full dome and projected probably dozens of feet from the hillside but was dynamited in the 1940’s by greedy miners in search of gold.

Hike Up to the Eye of God

You can trek up to the Eye of God via a 1.8 mile roundtrip hike off of a trailhead on Burns Canyon Road. It is located near Baldwin Lake Ecological Preserve, a beautiful ecologically important site for plants and animals, including as a wintering site for bald eagles.

So now you know the back story behind the Legend of The Eye of God. Well, let’s hear some recent reports from our readers who discovered more than God’s watchful eye on their hike near this area.

Big Bear Lake in the San Bernardino Mountain Range

Weird Happenings Around Baldwin Lake

From Beth in Palmdale:

My boyfriend and I were hiking around the Big Bear area in the San Bernardino Mountains, close to the Eye of God but not on that trail. We saw what looked to be a large bear but then it seemed to hear us and stood up on its hind legs. This thing was maybe seven feet tall. It was so big and hairy! But not exactly like a Bigfoot that I have seen drawings of or those grainy photos. This one had shorter reddish blond hair and built more like a man, not a bear or a wolf. And he ran off on two legs.

It stared at us for a split second and then ran off, fast like a deer.

Neither one of could believe what we saw! We came home and didn’t tell anyone because no one would believe us! But we know Madam X will believe us. Tell us if anyone else has reported seeing this manimal.

We have heard of Yucca Man. Does this fit the description of Yucca Man?

It was crazy. Damn, it was a weird day.

Rim of the World Highway by Big Bear Lake

And then we have Joshua Tree Jack’s Story:

My wife and two kids were camping around the Baldwin Lake area, not far from the Eye of God. I went for an early morning hike while the family was sleeping and much to my surprise ran into a Bigfoot-like creature on the trail eating something off the plants near the trail. He was all crouched down eating berries or seeds or something.  I swear, I thought it was a bear and gave out a high-pitched girly-man scream which startled him. He gave a low rumbling sort of growl and stared at me for about three seconds then got up, turned, and ran off. I took off the opposite direction I can tell you that.

Of course, the wife and kids did not believe my story. I still get teased about it. This happened at the end of the summer in 2020 and I have no idea what I saw. It definitely wasn’t a bear but not sure it was Bigfoot either.

The hair was light colored. It was blonde or light red and maybe hung about three inches long, covered his body. His face had hair, too, and looked like part man, part ape.

I never believed that bunk about Bigfoot but now I just don’t know.

So Now What?

Okay, well, we don’t know what the Eye of God would have to do with attracting Bigfoot or Yucca Man either one, for that matter.

And it is odd that we started hearing all these Bigfoot, hairy man tales in the fall of 2020. We do not know what it all means. We even have MORE of these sightings. We only included these two which seem the more believable but we have LOTS more.

On a lighter note, there is more to the legend of Kruktat which we may cover later as we have kind of gotten mesmerized with Indian Legends of Southern California.

We hope this finds you well and happy. Please accept our apologies for not having an actual photo of The Eye of God itself but only the surrounding area. Madam X is not too thrilled that her staff did not hike to the site but as I am incapacitated with a broken leg, find myself unable to do much hiking.

And we have not revealed to Madam X that the rest of her staff is in quarantine from exposure to that-which-can-not-be-named.

As for Madam X, she is back in Nepal shopping for Tibetan singing bowls.

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This is a good option for walking in the desert if you need to rest and sit.

Some of the information about the Eye of God came from this website:

Take plenty of water on your trips in the desert!


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The Legend of Tahquitz Lives On – Bigfoot or Demon?

Hello Gentle Readers,

We are venturing off our usual diatribe of bizarre desert weirdness to discuss the legend of Tahquitz up on the San Jacinto Mountains. Bigfoot, Goatman or Crazy Demon? Indian legend gone haywire? You decide.

Why are we straying off our beloved desert to go up to high country? Well, it’s because we have been receiving several unsettling reports of a hairy hoofed creature spotted in the general vicinity of Tahquitz Canyon. It seems to be something of a cross between Bigfoot and Goatman. And we are always suckers for a good Indian legend. Native Americans just know how to tell a scary story.

Tahquitz Peak on San Jacinto, Legendary Home of the Evil Tahquitz Demon


Amy from Victorville writes:

We had been hiking up on San Jacinto all day and it was getting late in the day so we were coming down. But we were still pretty high up. It was getting dusk and we were hurrying down before it was dark. My partner and I stopped for a minute to rest and drink some water when we spotted what looked like a hairy stooped over Bigfoot. No lie! We were shocked as he looked at us for about ten seconds and then sprang off on goat-like hooved feet! He must have been about 50 feet away from us but we know what we saw.

This creature was hairy and would have been about six feet tall if he had stood up straight but he was all stooped over like he was old maybe or had a deformity of his spine. I don’t know. It was weird and strange. He was making a low, guttural noise. It didn’t sound like he was happy to see us at all. I don’t know what we would have done if he had come toward us.

We hot footed it out of there after that and have not been back. Has anyone else seen this creature?


My brother and I were hiking on Mount San Jacinto in the early fall, 2020. We were trying to escape the pandemic and get some sanity by being back in nature. We were about two hours in the hike when we saw what appeared to be a bear about twenty yards away from us. So naturally, we were quite alarmed and started backing off.

It suddenly straightened up (sort of). He looked right at us with these beady red glowing eyes, making a loud, rough growling sound. It was still rather hunched over and not perfectly straight but it was big! Scared us you know what! We high tailed it back down the mountain. I don’t know what it was but it wasn’t a bear and it wasn’t human. It was pure evil.

We won’t go back without pepper spray or a gun, scared us to death. I have hiked for thirty years and never saw anything like that in my life.


What is it about an Indian legend that we love? According to the local legends of the Cahuilla, Kumeyaay, and Luiseno Native Americans of Southern California, Tahquitz is a spirit who makes his home on Mount San Jacinto. The legends vary somewhat but all seem to focus on the fact that Tahquitz is a bad spirit indeed, evil even. Most stories paint him as a devil or spirit of death who steals people and possibly even their souls. It is said that he even eats his victims up there on the mountain.

You might find Tahquitz in the form of a meteor or lightning bolt if you venture up San Jacinto. He can also be seen as a green fireball on the mountain at times.

Tahquitz Canyon is on the Aqua Caliente Reservation. It is an important area to the native people so be respectful if you go there.

Here is the Cahuilla Version of Tahquitz

Mukat, the Creator, formed Tahquitz to be the first shaman. As we know, shamans are the equivalent of physicians and healers in Indian tribes. As the main shaman, Tahquitz was to use his power for good and not evil. Tahquitz was the guardian spirit of all shamans, mentor if you will to ALL shamans, and his job was to give similar power to the Native American tribal shamans to do good and to heal.

However, Tahquitz started using this power for evil, even harming the people that he was supposed to help and protect. Naturally, the Cahuilla people were mad about this and so banished him to a canyon now called Tahquitz Canyon. Tahquitz climbed high up the San Jacinto Mountains and found a cave to live in, high up on a rock face that is now known as Tahquitz Peak.

His spirit still can be found in the canyon, sometimes as a streaking green fireball or as lightning bolts across the sky. He can be heard deep inside the San Jacinto Mountains, rumbling and vibrating, causing rock slides, and all manner of destruction.

If you are brave enough to hike the Canyon, go to the Cahuilla website and look for the details on hiking Tahquitz Canyon. It is on the reservation and you will need to pay a fee and have permission to hike there.

Well, we don’t quite know what to say about Bob and Amy’s encounter, if this was from the Indian legend Tahquitz himself, or just some hairy misfit, living out his pandemic days on the mountain.

What is your take on this? Let us know what you think and if you have seen similar stuff.

As Always Filling in for Madam X,