Was Atlantis in the New World?

Old Postcard of Cholula Pyramid near Puebla Mexico.

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We continue to work on the mystery of where the heck was Atlantis and why do some scholars and historians think it was in the New World, and more specifically, why do they think it was in or close to Mexico? Was Atlantis in the New World? If you missed our earlier post, you may want to check it out here.

What Makes Mexico Similar to Atlantis?

Well, for one thing the architecture and layout of the place is very very similar to the description of Atlantis. The Great Pyramid at Cholula has a circular layout very similar to the circular layout that Plato described when describing Poseidon, the capital of Atlantis. Cholula has an enormous base, actually the biggest platform of any pyramid that has been found so far in the world.

Why isn’t there anything left of Cholula? The stones of Cholula were looted to build the bases and buildings of many of the cathedrals and churches in the area. The pyramid was once thought to have a jade Quetzalcoatl on top but that, too, was stolen by the Spanish.

Also, the Cholula pyramid has a stepped design similar to the Ziggurats of Babylon. Toltec legend claims the pyramid was built at the command of seven giants. The seven giants somehow survived the great flood. Toltecs believed that the pyramid was built so that the seven giants could climb to heaven. The legend said that the Gods destroyed the pyramid with fire as well as convoluting the giants’ languages. Therefore, they were unable to reach heaven and could not even understand each other. End of story.

The Aztec Calendar Disturbs the Early Church

Another Atlantean-type conspiracy theory is that the early Aztecs seemed to have way more information than they should have. This is evidenced by their astounding Aztec calendar.

Another thing that the early Church found very disturbing was the Aztec calendar. The Aztecs seemed to have an earlier date for creation than the Church did. The Aztec calendar of eighteen months with twenty days with the added five day period at the end of the year created a unease within the Church. It seemed to be identical to the 360 day calendar of the oldest civilization of Egypt, an unsettling fact to Church scholars who know that Egyptians held that their god Thoth had shared the calendar with other cultures. Not only that, but Thoth shared the knowledge of language, astronomy, and mathematics to other civilizations. is this where the Aztecs got their fancy calendar?

Aztec Maya Calendar Postcard

In 1790, workmen in Mexico City discovered a huge flat stone buried under mud. After cleaning, it was found to be perfectly round and intricately carved on the bottom. This star calendar was a single slab of basalt twelve feet across, three feet thick, and weighing over twenty tons. The legendary clock of the Aztecs had been found!

First hand accounts of people who traveled with Pizarro told of a great golden calendar disk at Cuzco, Peru. However, Pizarro had melted in down into gold ingots. Any further discoveries of calendars were destroyed by Cortez and the Church. However, this giant calendar was just to big to be broken and destroyed so it was buried face down Tenochtitlan. When the drains lake became part of Mexico City, it once again showed up.

Although referred to as the Aztec Calendar, it is actually much older even than the time of the Maya most likely.

Unlike common thought, the Aztec Stone disc calendar was not necessarily an altar of sacrifice. Instead it was a complex triple calendar that measured the movements of the stars and the planets, which equated to Aztec thought as to the movement of the gods. Each day had a specific meaning and number. Each day and group of days had their own god as well.

To say that the Aztec calendar is complicated, is an understatement. It contains a knowledge of star tracking and the concepts of Precession of the Equinoxes that would require observing and recording Earth’s movements for at least 26,000 years!

All This to Say, it is Very Complicated

So, dear reader, we are once again left with a conundrum. Were the Aztecs actually ancestors of the ancient Atlanteans who somehow made their way to this area of Mexico City? Was this area actually Atlantis all along? Was Aztlan somewhere else? Is Aztlan really Atlantis?

It seems certain that the Aztecs had a higher intelligence and knowledge. Was it obtained from the Egyptian sharing of knowledge? It has been proven that Egyptians could have made their way to this area of the world on rudimentary craft (don’t get us started on that train of thought!).

Were they so smart because they were ancestors of Atlanteans? Were they just maybe THAT SMART? a

We continue to delve into this and hope you have enjoyed this little snippet of information.

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